On the 7th April 2016, law number 6698, the Data Protection Act regarding institutions and organizations, was released in the Official Gazette No. 29677. In order to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act it is necessary to register the data held. This process includes the separation of personal data and special personal data, determination of the processing conditions of this data, determination of the legal basis for personal data processing or clear consent, deletion, destruction or anonymity of personal data, taking all technical and administrative measures into account in order to transfer the data domestically or abroad, determination of data processing roles and responsibilities, ensurance of the fulfillment of the clarification obligations in the processing of personal data and determination of the responsible party for procedures and principles applied to the data.

As MAY Cyber Technology, we offer you Data Protection Act Compliance Consultancy, taking into consideration legal requirements and your organization’s processes. On completion of this service, your organization will be provided with a personal data inventory to be entered into the VERBIS system.